Ed Banger


When: 10:11PM

Where: Hollywood, CA

Sorry, I haven’t been able to blog much due to busy schedule & or alcoholism. Lets spit about my favorite collection of artists, but first, RIP DJ Mehdi, you will be missed by many and thank you for your music.

Last Friday, all last minute, I hear of a SebastiAn gig up at Avalon in Hollywood. [Now for those of you who do NOT know what I’m talking about, SebastiAn is a French DJ who specializes in the genre of electro or French electro, which has a distinct twang to it. And this dude, is my personal FAVORITE DJ of ALL TIME] So I was ecstatic, no money, no way to get there, but I was willing and determined to overdraft my account and to go see that show. I put this out on a social network and received immediate response from my followers. I made a call to my #1 road dogs Keaton, and shit was all square, we were “doin dis”. I went to the show, and met up with a close hommie Steven, and my god was it worth it. He played ancient, present, and even new tracks of his repertoire. From what I remember, I heard; “Greel”, “Walking Machine”, “Tetra”, “Kindercut”, “Organia”, “Threnody”, “Dolami”, “Walkman”, “Cheap And Chearful”, “Dog” & “Ross Ross Ross”. All in all, epic show, shit was nuts! Most notably I remember talking to some dude (who’s name I’ve since forgotten) in the smoking section about meeting SebastiAn, and he told me how he met DJ Mehdi…[segway]…

DJ Mehdi passed away early Tuesday morning (9/13/11) after plunging to his death from atop a plexiglass roof at a party. I found it strange to see him trending on Twitter in the AM, because I had been listening to his work the night before (“Lucky Boy”). It wasn’t until after school, then a hectic work shift, and just before night class when I did my research and found out he had perished. Yesterday was a mournful one.


Racist Libyan Rebels?


When: 6:17PM
Where: Los Angeles, Ca
I don’t know if you’ve heard of the recent atrocity occurring in Libya, but it’s very appalling and damn well worth writing about. Nearing the end of battle and the overthrow of pro-Ghadafi forces in Libya, the rebels all over the country have now begun a racial cleansing of the nation. Their target, fellow Africans, blacks. The rebels fear the darker skinned people currently living in Libya, are Liberian or Nigerian mercenaries. Apparently the rebels are aware that Ghadafi is desperate, and may be hiring mercenaries to assist in fighting the opposition. The rebels have been rounding up blacks and killing them without trial, regardless if they are telling the truth about being affiliated with the government or not. They are imprisoning them as well as conducting public executions by way of firing squad. I’m for the rebel’s rebellion, but a genocide against innocent blacks or any race for that matter, is a barbarous approach to a fearful threat that isn’t even for sure there; This brings immense shame to the momentous event of the uprising. The rebels, instead of protecting themselves in more civilized fashion, have taken an extreme measure in ousting a whole race of people out of the country and discriminating against all of them with drastic, ignorant vigor! The blacks living in Libya are infact Nigerians and Liberians who may have left their burdensome countries to escape turmoil and look for a better life there in Libya. Nigeria is experiencing hostility and civil unrest and has now for some years due to very corrupt politics and military factions fighting for power. Liberia, having hardly survived two civil wars (1989-1996 & 1999-2003) at the cost of over 250,000 people, is enduring extreme poverty, all the reason to defect elsewhere. In this chaotic state of anarchy in opposition to oppression, there is no telling how long this behavior will continue, but with no current (dominant) structure, this will be hard to eradicate. Hopefully the trend ends asap for the sake of humanity and civility.

Shot taken coming out of my civil rights law class, felt motivated to press this with all my anger.

Keep watching.

Edu-Ma-Cation & Polytix


When: 3:48PM
Where: West L.A., CA
School at the community college started up for me this week. So far my classes are seeming pretty stellar. Political Science(of course), Philosophy(seems fitting), & Law: Civil(mmhmm). Sounds like “Me, me & me”. Its been a while since I had some education(outside of my personal research), and I was beginning to feel if there were some sort of void needing to be filled…so I filled it. That, and I want some government money that is rightfully mine; might I add I also needed a deferment for my federal student loan “heehee”. I’ve missed this atmosphere for some months now, and felt its absence in the form of withdraw.

So far my most impressionable moment of this back to school event has been this argument I sparked with my political science professor. While explaining the many forms of government, he asked the class “What is an anarchy?” The class was desolate in noise but in abundance of silence & dead stares. I shouted tis “the absence of government, not a government itself, but a transitional state.” And went on to say that “We the people can govern ourselves.” He took this as if there was an anarchist in his midst and continued to reference back to me and acknowledge me as he proceeded on throughout his lecture. I had to sit there and take in his nods the entire class, I responded back on what an anarchist would or might say in argument but in another discussion he found me supporting some sort of structure to government is necessary. He quickly called me out on this, “How can you be an anarchist and admit that you need structure?” I replied I am no anarchist but a social democratic; I was simply engaging in a debate with him and wanted to convey the argument an anarchist would present. He then told me, and the audience, “You’ve now lost your debate (*consensus laughter).” I’m going to enjoy this class.

Now check out this gnarly ass flower looking plant I ran into. Its amazing how nature can present life itself in so many beautiful and wondrous ways. This plant, I wish I knew the name, seems to mimic the style of most flowers by brandishing pedal like leaflets. But contrary to a flower its structure is sturdy built around a thick root…fascinating.

Alcoholic’s 12 Step Guide To Procrastination (Golden Gopher/Cabana Club)


When: 10:44AM
Where: DTLA Subway, L.A., CA
I’ve been gettin’ loaded these past few days, thus the abnormal gap in between posts. But trust me, it was all in the name of good ol’ fun. This pic was taken going down a subway escalator, symbolizing the ease in procrastination, resulting in going down hill.

This past weekend I hit up the Golden Gopher on 8th & Grand, which is a sick ass bar that’s been around for years but now is going through a revival period. There’s a few arcade tables, a pool table, photo booth and sick ass seating in the front; Also a smoking section that has a real DTLA feel to it. The bar is phat, with a blue aura type lighting, that I believe changes colors, plus the drinks are made strong. The crowd is diverse and is picking up in numbers as of late. Dope spot, check it out.

Sunday I roamed aimlessly drunk amongst the intoxicated club rat filled crowd at the Do Over event @ Cabana Club on Sunset & Cuhenga in Hollywood. Now this place has some bomb pitchers of sangria. The place is surrounded with cabana’s, and topped off to the brim with occupants. There’s two dance floors, one indoor, one out. The venue is mostly outdoors and the event starts at about 3pm if I’m not mistaken, so it makes sense. Good house music & oldschool hip-hop. It’s only on Sunday’s so a good way to spend a lulled day.

Ps. Did you read the title and really think I was gonna list you 12 steps on how to procrastinate?

The Beast


When: 11:29AM
Where: Westside Park, L.A., CA
DO NOT let the furry face, big smile, and short stature fool you…this is a mothafuckin beast of a dog. A cold blooded killer that will take down raccoons, possums, cats and other small rodents. Name’s Jewely, a three year old border terrier and she truly is a jewel in my heart. Bitch is hella smart, can fetch, high five, dance a lil’ bit, and kill. No leash needed(I don’t feel right putting a leash on her), she’s always by my side, very obedient and loyal. I feel she has this weird spirit inside of her, as if her purpose in life is to be my companion, and for I to tend to her needs as well. This is undoubtedly one of my best friends.

Hell Nah I Ain’t Got No Insurance (Auto)


When: 5:31PM
Where: Korea Town, L.A., CA
The state of California is on that bullshit. They make us either pay for auto insurance or have our licenses suspend, which i feel is unconstitutional. How can you force a person who already is being taxed up the ass for social security they’ll never see and military operations they don’t support. You’ve already charged them for the privilege to drive, the fee to register the vehicle(annually), and they still have to buy a smog test. And now you want to syphon their hard earned cash back into the pockets of rich insurance companies, because they’re who’s making the most money out of this state. You don’t invest in public transportation enough, gas is through the roof and inflation is running rampant, who do you expect to afford this? Personally, I would buy insurance for about a month, let it expire, and then repeat the cycle every 3-6 months. Never got caught but I was pulled over on numerous occasions, but that’s another story. For some reason the DMV lags on suspending your license, as well as reporting this to the authorities database when you do this kind of activity. Now don’t take my words for advice, society refers to “riff raff” like me a “thug/hoodlum.”(I just be on some L.A. nigga shit foreal lol) This city is expensive at all four corners, and I don’t have time for shit I shouldn’t have to pay. It’s not a necessity, it’s an accessory, and a down right optional decision for every driver! Fuck insurance! If anything it’ll make me a safer driver. It’s an “inside job”…I know it.

Congratulations to the Libyan people/rebels for a triumphant victory, and overthrow Khadafi’s regime. They are taking back the nation that’s rightfully theirs.

Speaking of Africa, I don’t know how I’m going to get there, but when I do I’m not coming back.

Lovey Dovey (Happy Rant)


When: 3:07PM
Where: Pico Union, L.A., CA
You spend your days thinking, for hours, possibly multitasking, subconsciously pondering on how to be a better lover. How to love the one whom you emphatically adore, even more so if possible. Your love is so strong its clouding your mind, eating your flesh from the inside out. That’s when you start losing it, driving yourself crazy straining your brain too hard on a subject that needs little thought, but action. Relax, this is perfectly normal. Realize your radiating a euphoria of love which is blissful, yet ment to be. You’re ok, you’re just trippin’ yourself out you happy person you. With pounds of love inside, weight is but a figment of your imagination. And your high, higher than ever, high off love. The best high, the true natural high, the trait that we all have/need as a human being to survive. To hear it, the assurance of one’s significant other to reiterate your very own feelings and thoughts back down that figuratively spunge like auditoru canal. Oh doth it feel so assuring! I’m in love, are you?

Found myself reveling about my own happiness while in a tranquil state. Only to realize I am a very happy and beloved time in my life. Then I partied hard basking in my own success.